Wordpress Services

  • I want to install WordPress.
  • I want to build a blog/site.
  • I need to update WordPress.
  • I want to install plug-ins.
  • I want to customize my WordPress site.
  • My WordPress site is broken.


Let's go!


  • I want to install Photocart/Sytist.
  • I need help setting up my cart.
  • I need help customizing my cart.
  • I want to update my cart.
Let's go!

Splash Page

  • I’ve designed something but don’t know how to code it.
  • I want you to design something for me.
  • I need to change the links on my current splash page.
  • I want to change the font/colors/images on my current splash page.
Let's go!

Something Else

I need Machform installed.

I need help building and embedding forms.

I want to transfer my site to a new host.

I have no domain/hosting and need to get started.

I want some custom graphics.

I don’t see my problem listed anywhere else.

Let's Go!